New Realtor Michelle

Beautiful Michelle needed new headshots for all the the advertising, social media and marketing needs she will have as a new realtor in the busy Boise market. Now she has TONS to choose from!

Happy Mother's Day!

Celebrating all the wonderful mother's I have been honored to photograph:

Head Shots and Personal Branding / Boise Idaho Portrait Photographer

Head shots.  Personal branding.  Presenting yourself accurately, attractively and authentically.  

Our presence in social media, advertising and in online content is ever-increasing.  Do no underestimate the value of a first impression.  It makes a difference.  Often our first contact is virtual.  What kind of image is your first impression?  A snap shot?  An outdated picture?

I am so happy to be able to create beautiful, confident, quality images for my clients to represent themselves to the world with.  It matters.  It is worth it.

Senior Portrait Glam Shoot // Boise Idaho Portrait Photographer

I could not have asked for more perfect clients for this dreamy senior shoot.  These lovely and talented twin sisters are dancers (a guaranteed way to my heart) and loved to dress up in tulle glamorous wardrobe... And could they ever pose!  

This is such a special time their lives, as a mother myself, I see this time both from their eyes -- their whole lives, full of possibilities ahead of them, and from their mother's perspective who sees the little girls who have blossomed before her eyes and are spreading their wings.  

Capturing beauty and grace during a fun senior session is not only a fun and fulfilling experience for seniors, excited to celebrate this phase of their lives, but it is also a celebration for parents --a moment to honor the adult their child has grown into and hold onto the memory and moments created in their portraits that they will treasure forever.