New Realtor Michelle

Beautiful Michelle needed new headshots for all the the advertising, social media and marketing needs she will have as a new realtor in the busy Boise market. Now she has TONS to choose from!

Happy Mother's Day!

Celebrating all the wonderful mother's I have been honored to photograph:

Head Shots and Personal Branding / Boise Idaho Portrait Photographer

Head shots.  Personal branding.  Presenting yourself accurately, attractively and authentically.  

Our presence in social media, advertising and in online content is ever-increasing.  Do no underestimate the value of a first impression.  It makes a difference.  Often our first contact is virtual.  What kind of image is your first impression?  A snap shot?  An outdated picture?

I am so happy to be able to create beautiful, confident, quality images for my clients to represent themselves to the world with.  It matters.  It is worth it.