Christmas came early for Liz's lucky husband.  She was so excited to keep her beautiful album a complete surprise -- and it was worth the wait!  He loved it.  And best of all, she had a fun, pampering, and absolutely perfect session.  

The Glamour Boudoir Photoshoot Experience is designed to reconnect you with your feminine - and powerful side.  It is a validating moment when you see yourself in a way you never have before -- or maybe forgot existed.  It is there.  For all of us.  

I am so glad Liz did this for her husband... and for HER.  

Vintage Glam Boudoir // Abilene Texas Portrait Photographer

From the moment I first saw Tabetha, I knew she would photograph like a dream - and I told her so!  Little did I know that she is also a talented makeup artist and budding photographer!  This shoot was so much fun.  This girl knows how to move in front of the camera -- I think she should add "model" to her resume!  This was the perfect opportunity to try new angles, new lighting set ups and have her create her own interpretation of vintage glam makeup.  It all came together:

Jana / Abilene Texas Modern Glamour Boudoir Photography

When Jana was looking for a Glamor Photographer, she searched...And found me!  Horray!  She is my first client that has not been a direct referral!  Yay for internet search terms like "Glamour" "Boudoir" and "Beauty" and "Modern"... Those keywords should lead you to me!  

Jana planned this shoot as a wonderful surprise birthday gift for her man ... And a gift to herself.  Every woman deserves a day to celebrate her beauty, femininity and sexiness!  Though the process of a shoot like this is more dress up fun and laughter.... And a few sore muscles from posing... The results are always beyond her dreams.  

Tracy - Modern Glamour Professional Head Shot // Abilene, Texas Portrait Photographer

Tracy came in for ONE headshot for her website.  But with a little conversation, we both found that the glamour experience was exactly what she was looking for - - even if she only "needed" one image, the Glamour Experience is one that EVERY woman should have.  And the results:  Perfection.  She was very well prepared, had an amazing wardrobe and absolutely rocked her session.  In the end, she had more images that she loved than she ever expected -- which means, job well done on my end :)  I love surpassing my clients expectations!  Now she not only has a stunning image for her website, she also has an elegantly beautiful album that will be treasured by her young daughter - and someday, her grandchildren.  And while creating these images, she had a morning to be herself.  To celebrate the beautiful strong professional woman who loves and cares for her family.  For one day, to be the star of the show.

Photographing a Photographer // Abilene, TX Portrait Photographer

What an awesome experience to get to create a day of beauty celebrating this talented photographer, dear friend and gorgeous woman! 

I knew from the moment I met Andrea that she would be a dream to photograph - and boy was I right.  She is beautiful inside and out and seriously the most deserving of women to have a day of pampering and beauty all to herself.  She somehow manages to homeschool 4 children, run her home, and a photography business, help other photographers (me) with her mad Photoshop skills, and look sweet, refreshed and fabulous at the same time!

Glamorous Portraits // Abilene, TX Portrait Photographer

This lovely lady took the time out of her busy schedule  - which is a juggling act of work, home, mothering 3 sons, and being a wife, oh and having a social life... To do something for herself.  To celebrate, be pampered and to completely step out of her comfort zone.

She knew that she'd love these portraits.  But like all my clients, actually SEEING the gorgeous feminine side of yourself that you KNOW is in there, but rarely is captured in an amazing portrait is an experience in itself.

Glamour Maternity Portraits // Abilene, TX Portrait Photographer

I have been so excited for Shayne's maternity session.  We've been planning this for months and the day finally arrived!  I knew that she would photograph beautifully - despite  her insistence that she's never looked good in professional portraits.  I love showing women how beautiful they truly are... And to be able to do this while celebrating the beauty of pregnancy is just amazing.  

Shayne trusted me with every detail of this shoot and I could not be happier with the results:

A twist on fitness portraits // Abilene, TX Fitness Photographer

This lovely lady came in for a portrait session after she competed in a fitness competition - - she had worked so hard to achieve her goals and to celebrate - and document - her accomplishment, a full-glam photo shoot was in order.

While fitness photography isn't necessarily my primary genre, I find that there is a easily relatable component to my glamour brand - and that is celebrating the beauty of the shape of a woman's body.  Big or small, curves are gorgeous.  Muscle is powerful, and strength is amazing.  All the ingredients together: Pure Awesomeness.

ICON Fitness Gym Abilene, TX

I had the awesome opportunity to expand my technical lighting skills and shoot some fitness portraits and head shots at my local gym.  It was totally fun to try new techniques and find ways to light these absolutely ripped trainers in dramatic ways - - completely different than my normal glamour and boudoir lighting style.  And I think it worked!