Glamour Maternity Portraits // Abilene, TX Portrait Photographer

I have been so excited for Shayne's maternity session.  We've been planning this for months and the day finally arrived!  I knew that she would photograph beautifully - despite  her insistence that she's never looked good in professional portraits.  I love showing women how beautiful they truly are... And to be able to do this while celebrating the beauty of pregnancy is just amazing.  

Shayne trusted me with every detail of this shoot and I could not be happier with the results:

A twist on fitness portraits // Abilene, TX Fitness Photographer

This lovely lady came in for a portrait session after she competed in a fitness competition - - she had worked so hard to achieve her goals and to celebrate - and document - her accomplishment, a full-glam photo shoot was in order.

While fitness photography isn't necessarily my primary genre, I find that there is a easily relatable component to my glamour brand - and that is celebrating the beauty of the shape of a woman's body.  Big or small, curves are gorgeous.  Muscle is powerful, and strength is amazing.  All the ingredients together: Pure Awesomeness.

ICON Fitness Gym Abilene, TX

I had the awesome opportunity to expand my technical lighting skills and shoot some fitness portraits and head shots at my local gym.  It was totally fun to try new techniques and find ways to light these absolutely ripped trainers in dramatic ways - - completely different than my normal glamour and boudoir lighting style.  And I think it worked!

Mother's Day Celebration Portraits

With Mother's Day just around the corner, of course it is time for more images that celebrate that amazing bond that cannot be described.

Abilene, TX Portrait Photographer

Texas Bluebonnets // Abilene, TX Portrait Photographer

It is springtime in Texas, and that means Bluebonnets!  Well, usually it does.  Last year was a very poor year for blooms, I searched high and low and only found one meager patch.  This year is a vast improvement -- combined with mild weather -- and it is the perfect setting for outdoor family portraits!

Mother + Daughter = Love // Abilene, TX Portrait Photographer

I am so excited for Mother's Day.  This is the time of year when mommies feel they have the "reason" to get gussied up and take gorgeous portraits with their children.  Really, there doesn't need to be a holiday for there to be a reason.  Your children are your reason.  Exist in photos for your children.  It is a gift to them.  It is a gift to you.  It is priceless.  Timeless.  It captures love.

Gorgeous Head shots // Abilene Portrait Photographer

These ladies work hard helping women relax, recharge and look beautiful at the amazing spa they work at: Absolute Perfection Day Spa.  If you haven't been there - - go!  Experience a day of pampering!

How lovely are these professional head shots?  

Abilene TX Glamour Photographer / Heather's Boudoir Session

It is that time of year again - when Valentines is just around the corner and Boudoir Sessions are in full swing!  There are going to be some very happy husbands who will be receiving a Gorgeous, Sensual and Timeless gift from their brave and beautiful wives.  (Hey, Boudoir takes some bravery!).

And though the majority of images from these sessions will never be seen - except by those whom they were intended for - I make sure to capture several lovely Modern Glam Portraits that can be shared - and shown off!

Just a little Gorgeous *Abilene TX Boudoir Photographer*

Sabrina is a student, a wife, mother, part-time model and absolutely a dream to work with. I have never worked with a professional model before.  What fun!  She was constantly in motion, moving her body and adjusting her pose, while being very aware of my angle and somehow could hear my shutter clicks above the music and blow dryer :)  My job has never been so effortless!  Enjoy the beauty:

H/MUA: Liad FloresSabrina-1-004 Sabrina-003 Sabrina-006Sabrina-1-005 sabrina-002Sabrina-004

Beautiful Liad *Abilene Texas Glamour Photographer*

I have the most amazing opportunities to meet and work with talented professional makeup artists. Liad is not only incredibly skilled at highlighting clients best features and making them look their absolute best, she is also a sweet, kind beautiful person that ALL my clients rave about! Today was her turn to shine:Liad is not only incredibly skilled at highlighting clients best features and making them look their absolute best, she is also a sweet, kind beautiful person that ALL my clients rave about!